[s-cars] Subject: Climate control acting strange

Tom Winter tom at tomwintermedia.com
Tue Jul 7 09:25:13 PDT 2009

On 7/7/09 10:20 AM, chapel976 at gmail.com wrote:

Ok, so I've been noticing a weird issue once in a while. When I start my
car, sometimes the controls don't work 100%
The fan controls and vent controls respond fine
I can turn the AC on by the button
I can turn the temp DOWN
I can turn defrost on

I cannot turn the temp UP
The AUTO button is unresponsive.

However, if I drive it for like 10-15 minutes, all the controls work as

Jared - Mine did this too. I solved it by removing the unit, cleaning all
connections, and then replacing same unit. You get the unit out by carefully
prying up the "wood" panel that surrounds it, to access the screws. A good
cleaning of the contacts on all the plugs should hopefully fix your problem.
At least that's where I'd start before sourcing a replacement.

Tom '95 Avant

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