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I think your cousin is your best bet.  I had two very large boxes (one
was actually a crate) shipped from Europe in past years as I was
importing S2 parts.

One time I wanted an S2 bumper.  I worked with (the now defunct) VAG
Parts.  I purchased several S2 and RS2 bumpers from Ebay UK and had them
shipped to VAG.  They boxed them all up with some parts I purchased from
them.   The idea was that I would sell off the other bumpers at a profit
to cover the shipping cost.

The second time I got a hook up with a Canadian living in Germany.  He
agreed (for a fee) to build a crate for me.  There were several
Americans dealing with him and he collected and combined all the parts
in one crate.  I picked the crate up in Philly, dismantled it and
shipped the parts to the various Americans.

As you can see, the hardest part is finding someone to box and ship this
stuff.  In both cases I was very lucky.  Currently I have no
Euro-connection for such a task.


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Looking for listers insight. I wanted an ABT front spoiler for my 2004 
Passat, NLA. US distributor cannot get it, ABT doesn't show it on their 
site. Did find several on E-bay.de, even looks like ABT is selling them,

however they will not ship to US due to the size. Any solutions??

Normally if it was smaller I would just have my cousin ship it for me,
being a large box I don't want to put him through the hassle.

Harold M
Manchester, NH 

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