[s-cars] [NAC] shipping from Germany

Jack Walker jack at walkerperformancegroup.com
Thu Jul 9 14:00:02 PDT 2009

Try Derek in Silverton, Oregon

derracuda at gmail.com

(503) 559-1689

He's engaged to girl in Germany, they are in the process of getting her here

He's an extremely reliable guy!


Then there is Tom Saltino in Georgia

saltinot at gmail.com

770 815-5523

He travels regularly to Europe for what seems is the express purpose of
shipping parts to the USA

Either crating or containers

He's building an RS2 from parts.

He might be slightly at odds with me right now because we are having a
difficult time getting UPS to resolve a shipping damage issue.

But also knows what he's doing.


Both are extremely straight up good guys!

Have more than enough knowledge of what you might be looking for, and
understand the trials and tribulations of shipping stuff

If they are interested in doing this I don't know, but ask them


Jack Walker

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