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OK guys, it has come to that time again to get a new set of summer tires.
Here's the breakdown:

The patient: 2001 S4 with H&R Coilovers, Stoptech Brakes, and typical
go-fast stuff (chip, exhaust, etc.)  The rims are Superleggera 18 x 8's,
running 235/40/18  I would like to track the car maybe once or twice a year.

Currently I have BFG KDW 2's.  Good grip level, but a little over-matched by
the suspension, unfortunately the noise is OUTRAGEOUS or else I would just
buy these again.

I am looking for something that will grip as good or better in dry
conditions with better noise quality for under $200 a tire.  Does such an
animal exist?  I have been looking at the following:

Sumitomo HTR Z III - great price but I have seen a couple of reviewers
complain about grip and say that they are not as good as Yokohama S-Drives

Yokohama S-Drives - look good per the test results on tirerack head to head
with the BFGs except on braking performance

Pzero Nero Max Summer Performance - Unfortunately the only test data the
tire rack has on these are with old Lexus IS300 times, which are kind of
tough to compare to the newer tests.  Anybody know how this tire compares to
the KDW 2 for grip?

Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec - look like awesome tires for dry grip but
will probably not last very long, how much less treadlife could I expect out
of these than something like the Sumitomos, the Pzeros, or the S-Drives?  If
not a ton less it may be worth going for it.

Dunlop SP Sport Maxx - look like great tires from all points of view but
slower than the Star Spec's for the same $?  How much extra treadwear could
I expect in exchange?

Bottom line is that any tire I get will have to be as good or better
handling than the KDW 2 and quieter.  I would appreciate any insight you
guys can offer!  Thanks for your help!


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