[s-cars] Temp and Fuel Gauge not functioning after batterycharge

David Kase dkase at dorma-usa.com
Mon Jul 13 10:07:04 PDT 2009

I have used the Battery Tender Jr. on my ATV, motorcycles and lawn
tractor for years. Gotta love a good cranking engine after it has sat
dormant for months.  I must have 4 or 5 around the garage.


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I don't use anything other than one of the latest
battery chargers these days- it was expensive for a consumer-level
($150 or so), but I've not yet fried a battery with it.

I keep my vette on a Battery Tender Jr., which is a plug-in
microprocessor-controlled battery maintainer, which helps a lot- the car
quite a lot of draw sitting parked due to all of the electronics in the
If your car sits for long periods, I highly recommend getting one of
they have a setup where you can attach a small cable to your battery
semi-permanently and then you can just "plug-in" the maintainer when you
park the car.


On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 10:01 AM, Lewis Consulting <
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>  Taka said:
> I think if you didn't use a proper battery tender/maintainer and left
> too long, you might have killed the battery as well as some electrical
> in your car.
> First thing- disconnect the negative lead from the battery, let the
car sit
> for a while. Then check the state of the battery with it disconnected
> the car. Then try hooking it back up, see what happens. If you don't
> any change, you might have caused damage to your car. If you have the
> Bentley manuals and VAG-COM, you should be able to address all of the
> control modules in the car to see if you have any fault codes stored.
> would be a start.
> _______________________________
> Thanks Taka ......I will try that, I do suspect it is time to throw my
> charger away.  Battery seems to be holding a charge so far, but I
> driven very much.  All my fuses seem to be okay also.
> Randy
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