[s-cars] Possible '05 A6 for a good price

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 18:39:43 PDT 2009

Is it an S-Line or just has some sort of optional wheels?

Known drawbacks? MMI. Stupidly difficult to use navigation system. Slow
tiptronic shifts even in manual mode. Make sure you have everything set
before you do any driving- tuning radio stations in manually is extremely
difficult (although using the scrolling list of available stations helps a
lot), adding entries into the address book is very difficult (don't try this
while driving).

Otherwise, a very roomy, luxurious, nice car.

BTW, the stock 18" wheels are really heavy- probably doesn't help in terms
of ride quality.

Actually, I prefer the 3.2 to the 4.2- the 4.2 just doesn't feel that much
more powerful or better.

Just remember it's a big, heavy car and drives like one. The A8 is a world
of difference better as a driver's car. Feels much smaller, more nimble,
doesn't feel like a tank on the road.


On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 7:02 PM, Doug Landaeta <dlandaeta at gmail.com> wrote:

> A buddy has a line on an '05 with the 3.2 v loaded with S-wheels. What
> are any known drawbacks or issues? It has less than 10k miles on it.
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> Doug

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