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pkrasusky at ups.com pkrasusky at ups.com
Fri Jul 17 09:29:51 PDT 2009

Unfortunately I don't post here anymore, but will make some fun exceptions.

At risk of starting another shitshow and DF getting inordinate amounts of sand rubbed liberally into his labia, I've just learned some news that I've been asked to share.

I just spoke with the owner of the //S6 Plus (featured @ //SFest last year) - first time we'd "talked" in the like 5yrs we'd been emailing about its existence (his sons brought the car up last year).  What a cool guy!


He suggested the car is likely again for sale, after opting to sit on it after last year's valuation debacle here.  We had a loooong talk regarding 'that', and he's prepared to proceed more sensibly this time around.  He's thinking 'somewhere' <$30k whereas he was somewhere @ ~ +/- $40k last summer.

*Where* "under" is up to he and "you" to settle.  I'm just the messenger.

Car's got mid 70's miles, just had all brake lines, clutch, master, slave, all front end renewed.  Car needs nothing he says.  Anyone seriously interested, email me and I will put you in touch with him (he's not part of any forum / list / etc., just a nice guy).

oh and

The Plus will again be @ //SFest (//SFest is the Bestfest) - either with him...  or driven by one of yous heh heh.

That said - for the love of cookies - F'n A... PUHLEEZE don't degenerate this post into a valuation debacle (coughDAVEcoughFORGIE), etc.  Seriously.  No one wants to see that.  Think it's too high?  Good for you.  Don't inquire then.  All the power to ya.  Interested in establishing a mature dialogue with him on the matter?  Hit me up.  Man would I sooooo love to see this car brought into / kept within our circles - JAH!

on and further oh and

Next week... we're meeting up for me to finally 'experience it' (no, the value will *not* then subsequently / immediately drop by $5k heh heh), whereby I'll be writing a ECMagazine blog on it butofcourse.  Muwhahahaa, pardon.

Stay looneytooned...


ps.  bird / stone, being the hoooor that I am:  http://blogs.europeancarweb.com/6555993/features/tail-of-the-dragon/index.html please leave a comment there if you likey!

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