[s-cars] Rear caliper guide pins and carrier source

Harold McComas haroldmccomas at comcast.net
Wed Jul 22 22:45:21 PDT 2009

I "think" I  still have a used carrier with unstuck pins that you could have 
for free. Where you at? Need to check my parts stash to make sure, no longer 
have an S .

Otherwise new: http://www.germanautoparts.com/Audi/S6/Brake/354/1  for 

Harold M
Manchester, NH

> From: Kevin Day <kday at ultrameta.org>
> Subject: [s-cars] Rear caliper guide pins and carrier source
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> Hello all
> What started out as a simple parking brake cable replacement has
> turned into a caliper rebuilding, fuel line replacing, exhaust
> repairing extravaganza.  15 Northeastern winters have taken their toll
> on the underside of my S4, and leaving the car stationary for the last
> 3 months hasn't helped.  I had seized lower guide pins on both rear
> calipers, and while I was able to free up the driver's side, one pin
> on the passenger side broke off while I was trying to remove it.  I
> ordered a new caliper, assuming it would come with a carrier or at
> least guide pins, but it didn't.
> I haven't been able to find an economical source for a new carrier
> with guide pins, or better yet just a set of pins.  Any suggestions?
> Thanks
> -Kevin
> '94 S4
> '96 A6qa
> '90 Miata, waiting for the S4 to get out of the garage so it can start
> its 1.8 transplant

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