[s-cars] Dash switch bulbs

Wayne Dohnal wd43 at hevanet.com
Sun Jul 26 12:24:25 PDT 2009

No guarantee it's the same as mine, but...  All of the switch symbols in 
that area light up with the ignition on, EXCEPT for the rear window defogger 
symbol which lights up when the headlights are turned on.  There must be 
some good, sound German logic for this, right?

Wayne Dohnal
1994 S4

>My 95.5 Avant has a dead dash switch bulb, I think.  Should the rear window
>defroster switch have a constant on light lit when NOT switched on?  Right
>now, when the switch is pressed the lower area is illuminated with the
>triangle symbol.  But the upper section with the wavy "heat" symbol is
>never lit, should it be?

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