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Good points of information.  Almost makes me wish my third car was 5k
instead of an S6.  I've been eyeing up used TDI's for the past few
months and would probably own one if they had decent rear leg room.



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As a data point here I've got a 1987 5kcstq that I'm trading for $4500
off of a new Jetta TDI. That car hasn't been worth that much in at least
10 years, it's a very good deal for certain people. My vw dealer, and a
couple others I've talked to say that it's not lower income folks taking
advantage of this. Rather it's middle income thrifty types who have a
second or third car as a spare.

As a means of stimulating the economy, it's pretty direct.

BTW, much of that "prius isn't green" stuff is made up lies. At one
point the "fact" that a prius was more environmentally costly than a
hummer was out there. It just isn't true. Now a Jetta TDI vs a prius?
I'd wager the Jetta wins, and is a much nicer car to drive to boot. But
there's a place for the prius. If I were doing stop and go city driving
I'd seriously consider it, as the 51 mpg city is very hard to beat, but
I have a 90% highway 60 mile (total) commute each day, and the TDI will
do very well on that, plus it's a darn nice car.

As for economics, I'm sure the Obama team has heard of the Laffer curve,
but if I'm not mistaken, the current consensus on that idea is that it's
a gross simplification. I'm not a fan of every thing Obama has done, or
will likely do, but this isn't a particularly terrible piece of
legislation. It stimulates the sales of new cars, and gets some unsafe
and fuel inefficient cars off the road. The cars are not completely
destroyed, the salvage yards are allowed to re-sell some parts of the
car, just not the "long block", and the car must ultimately be crushed
or shredded.

Anyone who really wants to know the details of the program should go to
www.cars.gov. The complete rules are posted there, in more detail than
you'll care to read, including the exact procedure for destroying the
engine, the paperwork required to prevent fraud, the amount of funds
allowed to be used for administrative purposes ($50m out of $1b), etc.


On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 12:09 PM, <djdawson2 at aol.com> wrote:

 You guys are all making too much sense.

Give a guy $4500 towards buying a new car that the buyer can't afford.?
Good stuff.? Makes no sense.

"Green?"? Yeah, I see that everyday in my work too.? "Green" fleets, and
the promotion of hybrid vehicles.? The Prius is the biggest joke I've
ever seen.? It is probably the most non-green thing on the road.? But
the percetion of green is all that matters to our politicians.? Why
bother to go out and do a study on how devastating the creation and
disposal of a hybrid is to our environment?? All I care about is
emissions and fuel mileage.

I do wonder when our government will start making sense.? It seems to
have taken a major turn for the worse as of late.

Economics... I wonder if Obama has ever heard of the Laffer Curve?


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