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Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
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Depends on the car.  There is no consensus that either LATCH or seat belt is better - it's whatever allows you to install the car seat properly.  In my wife's car, the seat belt holds the seat more securely than we can get it with the LATCH anchors, so we use the seat belt.

I think Audi still offers a free LATCH retrofit for the B5 S4, but the seat belt works fine for securing the car seat so I haven't bothered.

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As others have said, Audi was doing this for free. However, the parts are cheap, something like $70 if I recall and it literally takes no time and very little mechanical skill to install these. Just buy the parts from the dealer, it'll probably take you all of 30 minutes to install them. 

The LATCH stuff does hold the seats more securely... 
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