[s-cars] OXS connector for Bosch 13913

Robert Myers bob at chips-ur-s.com
Fri Jun 26 04:26:27 PDT 2009

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Hi Y'all,

Confessions of a forgetful old fart:

A few years back someone (confession 1 - I forget who) found the 
proper part number (confession 2 - I forget the source) for the 
proper mating connector (confession 3 - I forget the part number) for 
the el-cheapo brand Bosch 13913 OXS.  I purchased one and spliced it 
into my urS6 wiring harness and it worked well.  It makes swapping a 
new el-cheapo OXS into the car a quick p'n'p operation.

Does anyone happen to remember any of the details?



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