[s-cars] S6 Fan Question

Douglas Fifield douglas.fifield at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 08:09:59 PST 2009

Heads -

Am attempting to fix the smile on the White Whale (95.5 S6 Avant) due
to a slow speed kiss with a pickup truck bumper, and I have the front
end off to remove the radiator and replace it with OEM new.  The
problem is that having gone in that far, I was able to look the main
fan over and discovered a cracked blade.  There is also some play in
the viscous clutch.  The local dealers do not have the fan in stock
and I am attempting to get the car drivable so I can move it 150 miles
to my current abode where I have a heated garage to do all further

So my questions are:

1)  Is it normal for the clutch to have some play or should it be
solid on the shaft?

2)  Has anyone tried driving with a cracked fan blade?

I figure the crack occurred when the radiator was pushed back and I
drove the car about 175 miles after the accident so I might be able to
get it another 150 miles without disaster, but it makes me nervous.

I am under some time constraints on this so I would appreciate any
feedback as soon as possible.  Thanks guys.


Douglas in MN
95.5 Audi S//6 Avant
73 BMW R60/5 mit Toaster Tank

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