[s-cars] Off topic-CL scams

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Tue Mar 3 12:35:56 PST 2009

Scam, Scam, Scam  Run, Matt, run.  See Matt run.

I can't get any more basic than that.  CL was designed to be a local  
list.  It just don't work very well for long distance transactions.   
The reason
Audifans marketplace can work is you can usually scope out the guys that
own these cars because someone will know them and their reputation.  You
can still get burned there and on ebay with it's controls and promises  

If you are shopping Macbook on CL, I assume you are not looking for the
latest and greatest Pro, but a good price on an older Macbook.  Try  
reputable dealers.  I vouch for each:





These are all established, long standing dealers.  You only get a 30 day
warranty with most used deals, but at least the deal is fair.  You might
consider how old the battery is also.


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> Hi guys! I don't know where else to turn with this so I hope you don't
> mind me asking.
> I'm trying NOT to get ripped off here. I'm familiar with the Nigerian
> scams but am wondering if "they've" found a new scam tactic.
> Found an apple MacBook on CL. The seller claims to be from Denver but
> living abroad. I've received an email from DHL via the seller saying
> they're awaiting payment in rhe form of western union and then will
> ship the package.
> Any thoughts? I was thinking about calling DHL directly to see if they
> can confirm anything. But how do I know if theres anything in the box?
> -Matt CO
> 92 s4

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