[s-cars] Moaning like a stuck piggie.

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when i swapped the hose that runs to the steering rack and has the pigtail on the end, i did the minimum: with the front end on jackstands, i turned the steering full left and right.  that was it.  i reused everything but the crush washers and the new hose, though i did clean out the PS reservoir.  i didn't need to do a fluid change because all the old fluid had leaked out already, which was what necessitated the hose replacement in the first place.  no noise at all, and from that experience, i surmise that it's not too hard to get all the air out.

i used a new hose from riverside audi, as tom green recommended, because i had heard about the groaning issues with rebuilding that particular hose.

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I agree with the car being elevated to bleed the air. I did a very thorough job of bleeding the hydraulic system with the front end up on jackstands, turning the wheels from lock to lock and constantly feeding clean fluid into the system, watching air bubbles com out of the reservoir tank return line as it is submerged in fluid. I did this 7-8+ times to ensure all air was out of the system and still I have the whine noise. All new lines (rack supply and return both from HoH), new reservoir filter screen, new banjo bolts with integrated screen, new PS pump, proper fluid, all new crush washers, ... etc. No leaks either. Go figure.

Maybe there is some other way air is trapped in the system but given some people have had similar problems perhaps not all HoH hoses were fabricated correctly.  I don't have any shuttering, just the noise which supports my theory that all air has been purged, also have had driven the car for about 8k miles so any trapped air would have bled out by now. My hose was fabbed about 18 months ago.

Just my 2 cents here.

I believe some pics of the fabbed hose from HoH had showed up somewhere, maybe Audiworld forum. I'd be interested to visually see where exactly the orifice/device is located on that unit. With the foam wrap around the hose it was difficult to examine mine but I thought at least there would have been some bulge somewhere like I remember on the stock unit. I should have taken pics of the stock vs. refabbed HoH unit.

Anyone have pics of either?


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I thought I replied to this yesterday but checked my sent box and
nothing was there.

I too have had the HOH j hose repair special and it has never made a
sound.  No groans, no moans, no shuddering etc...this was at least two
years ago when I had mine done.

They are very aware of the neccessity of retaining the orifice for this job.

My bet is you have air in your system.

turning lock to lock works to purge the air, but works best when the
front of the car is elevated on jack stands.



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> Aaron,
> I had the same repair done at HoH over a year ago and had similar results, constant whine that gets louder with more load, no shutter though. I called back and they assured me that the orifice/device was retained per my request although I had a hard time locating it on the unit. I had done a good bit of research prior to sending to HoH and mostly found good reviews of that source for repair. At roughly $90 including shipping it is quite a bit cheaper than buying new even at the reduced  $225 rate. I'll likely replace with new and keep the HoH hose for backup but needless to say it is disappointing. You are not alone.
> Make sure that you flushed the system well. I had replaced the reservoir prior to my hose rupturing and I spent a good amount of time cleaning that out along with the banjo bolt with the integrated screen to make sure there was no debris in the system that could chew up my new PS pump. They rack & hydraulic system is self bleeding so turning the wheels from lock to lock a few times will rid of any air. I think SJM Auto had a good PDF writeup about how to properly clean the system.
> Aaron R.
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> Hi gang,
> I just repared / replaced the leaky hose running form the pump to the rack
> (the one with the orifice and swine tail coil at the rack.
> Spokane House of Hose did the repair and they seemed to be aware of the
> importance of replacing the orifice.  Well, now she moans and shudders like
> crazy when near near full lock (ha!) and whines a bit all the time.
> Is there a bleeding procedure that I was supposed to follow?  Did HoH forget
> the orifice?  The orifice is no longer in the center of the hose.  They said
> they install it under one of the end crimps.
> Thoughts? Thanks
> Aaron
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