[s-cars] Qwestion on S-Radiator Replacement

Douglas Fifield douglas.fifield at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 15:23:53 PDT 2009

So, I've got the old radiator out of the S6 and have the new one ready
to install except I can't get the old mounting bushings out of the old
radiator.  The bottom nuts came right off, but the upper nuts (that
mount the bushing to the radiator) are stuck tight.  The entire
bushing rotates when the nut turns.

I have tried two nuts together on the other end of the stud, but the
direction of turn simply loosens them and the stud turns.  I tried a
BFN vice grips on the bushing itself, which resulted in mutilation of
the rubber disks as the stubborn nut spins the whole thing.

Anyone BTDT?  Have a trick to share?

Douglas in MN
95.5 Audi S//6 Avant
73 BMW R60/5 mit Toaster Tank

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