[s-cars] door releasr cable routing in rear door.....

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Kevin opened:

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From: Kevin Barnett <bluevr6 at yahoo.com>
Subject: [s-cars] door releasr cable routing in rear door.....

Ok, My car was painted a month or so ago.? With last weeks warm weather, I rolled th ewindows down only to discover the drivers rear door would open as the window went al the way down.

The release cable is running under the window mechanism.? ??????

Where should the cable run?? Would like to fix without removing the entire window mechanism if possible (onle one person working on this).? It looks as if the cable is supposed to run through the window mechanism through an opening in the inner frame.? Vertification?



Heh, flashback...  when I got my urS6 moooooons ago mine was doing the same thing on the LR door.  Turned out to be the little silver clip that retains the door latch cable to the mechanism wasn't mounted properly - there's a very specific way it clips on.  Pull the panel and have a look.  Someone else can likely provide you better description but this should point you in the right direction hopefully.  While in there with window down, verify tho the routing of the cable under the window - the cable doesn't allow much margin of error (much wiggle room to move it).

HTH, good luck.


ps.  Bologna - "thin the heard option" - bwha!  'Tis a bit disconcerting when it pops whilst bombing along certainly.  D'oh.

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