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Why is it that you give me the feeling you are trying to re-invent the  
list experience
instead of using it?  If you really need an explanation of this  
process I am sure the
archives are full of information.

You are correct that the ordering process with Jeff is a slow one most  
of the time.
You will find that is a result of our small numbers and slowness of  
buyers to commit
to a firm order that slows the process.

034 is a new player with a ready to install turbo-back system.  I have  
no experience
there except to know that they sell quality products and stand behind  
Everybody is open to new solutions.  If you have one, your input is  
solicited.  Here is
their web site:


This might make you wonder how there are any stromung exhausts  
available at all
for the URS4/6.


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> What is the deal-eo with the Ur//S car Stromungs? Isn't it a slow
> accumulation of orders over a year or so then an order is placed?
> I am also interested as my wife has taken a liking to S6 and it  
> looks like
> it will be in the stable for the foreseeable future.
> Kase
> On Mar 18, 2009 9:43am, Manuel Sanchez <manuelsanchez at starpower.net>  
> wrote:
>> Alexander,
>> I've got the latest generation (I think, and I can't remember what
>> generation they are on now) Stromung exhaust and I love it.

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