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Back when I was actively accumulating die-casts I had a bunch sent to a friend of mine and I just picked them up. I even had a few sent to Tom Nas in Holland from ebay sellers that would not ship to the US for him to send me in one batch. For his trouble I sent him 2 hard to find Audi models from over here.  The first batch I got fine from him. He has since dropped off the quattro lists and the face of the earth and has about $400 (or more) of my stuff, and won't return emails, hasn't in years.  8-(

Live and learn 

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Taka: Is So So right on this one!!

Used to be the case where if I purchased something for 50 bucks, it actually
cost me $100 !
I've navigated out that parity trap with my wife, er, well, at least I don"t
KNOW about it anymore.

Jeff Posto

Just make sure you don't get what you wish for- what do you don't want is a
girl that is as into your hobbies are you are and demands parity- I don't
want to be in the situation where my paycheck is going toward the purchase
of chichi P-car parts for the SO's GT-3 while I have to make do with the
Miata. :-)

Shoes and bags are, for the most part, a lot cheaper than stuff like
superchargers, good coilovers (think Moton or Penske) or forged wheels
(Volk, CCW, HRE, etc.).

All in good fun..... don't take me too seriously.

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