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Scott can you explain a little more about "getting the exhaust mounts
installed slightly forward position"?  I have been called dense before
so if you can talk a little more about this I would appreciate it.  Do
you mean the rubber hangers or the position of the "tang" in the
rubber hanger?  Or something else entirely?

I have had issues with the gen IV cat hitting my tranny under hard
accel/decel, there is very little clearance between the two and I have
been under the car twice since installation trying to configure the
connections to provide more clearance.  New motor and tranny mounts
were installed <10K miles before the stromung install.  My next step
is to source a flex piece such as what is now being provided on Gen V
DP to see if that will remedy my problem.

Brian,  I did not re-install the center support either.  Mostly b/c I
didn't want to have to deal with it as I was trying to get the system
tweaked to not vibrate against other body parts.  Not sure if the
brace provides any chassis stiffness but I am sure it doesn't hurt.  I
have been told the purpose of the piece is for safety reasons due to
the 2 piece drive shaft.  If the center support bearing fails or works
loose that brace will prevent the DS from hitting the ground, coming
apart and pole vaulting the car and you/me into the air.

Mine is going back on as soon as I get the system sorted out.

Even with the minor annoyance of the above issue I still have no
regrets about the purchase, the sound is just that good :)


On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 9:18 AM, Brian Armstead <barmstea at voanews.com> wrote:
> Scott,
> The guy that installed my Stromung did not reinstall the center
> crossmember.  I cannot remember why, but I'm sure it was a fit issue.
> I've had no problems thus far.  Am I asking for trouble without it?
> Brian
> 93 S4
> Scott Justusson wrote:
>>Just a reminder to all folks from lots of BTDT on Stromung installs...
>>The right side motor mount failure can cause excessive torque-over of
>>the engine, which leverages the turbo/DP connection against the first
>>hanger (at the trans).  After installing a dozen or so of these systems
>>on 91 200 and UrS cars, my suggestion is to replace the RS motor mount
>>when doing this install.  I have had no Stromung exahust come back for
>>rewelds with this routine PM and it's a habit from my type 44 days.
>>Secondly, when mounting the exhaust itself, you want the exhaust mounts
>>installed the slightly forward position to allow for expansion when hot.
>>This is especially important for proper hot-clearance of the center
>>I have two Gen 1 systems running in Chicago with no rewelds - from
>>Jeff's first GP a long time ago....
>>HTH and my .02
>>Scott J
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>>I too have a broken bracket. It's good to know that there's a solution
>>out there. Next time I get up to NEA, I'll ask Tim to retrofit. Do you
>>think there will be any issues with flex-pipe supply?
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>>On Mar 19, 2009, at 10:57 AM, jeff postupack
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>>>Hi JC:
>>>Sorry my post came off that way, no excuses here. Will get some
>>>What is puzzling to me is, I have never had anything break, brackets
>>>Some have had your experience and many others have not.. I've always
>>>to keep the cost down.. but in the end that DP flex seems to make a
>>>The Flex pipe was added around Dec 08..Both Tim McLean and Marc
>>>Swanson encouraged me for good reason, so Stromung added the flex.
>>>running one on my 93 S4 since test fitment Nov 08 timeframe, so it's
>>>indeed. There's about 6 (with flex) out there in the field now.
>>>more in production next week too.
>>>Take care. Jeff Posto
>>>On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 10:52 PM, JC <jc at j2c3.com> wrote:
>>>>OK - calm down dudes. My interpretation of the original order-
>>>>question was not at all negative - just a factual question to the
>>>>isn't the group-buy route a bit slow and are there alternatives. In
>>>>actual words were "What is the deal-eo with the Ur//S car
>>>>Stromungs? Isn't
>>>>it a slow accumulation of orders over a year or so then an order is
>>>>Doesn't sound so critical to me at all...
>>>>It was somebody else whose panties were generally in a bunch
>>>>yesterday that
>>>>started characterizing the Cheezeman as negative...
>>>>On to real content:
>>>>Posto -- Curiosity question -- when did the system add the flex-
>>>>pipe? I got
>>>>mine courtesy of PO who I think installed it in late 07 early 08,
>>>>but it
>>>>doesn't have the flex-pipe.  Should it have at that time or could
>>>>he have
>>>>gotten it from 'old stock' or 2nd hand? I had to have NEA weld up
>>>>braces after broken welds and they've duly warned me to put the
>>>>flex piece
>>>>in lest it happen again... Unfortunately it's not high on the
>>>>budget list
>>>>right now for them to pull it apart again and do the
>>>>cut/insert/weld/re-assemble. Otherwise it's a beautiful item fer
>>>>>Actually I enjoy meeting great people who know a good product
>>>>>and can afford it and the clowns trying to buy a turbo back
>>>>>stainless system for $600 delivered.. who also want to
>>>>>complain about slow service. Jees!
>>>>>It's not a retail operation, I convinced the owner to supply
>>>>>a turbo back 3:
>>>>>system and sustain production for a bunch of years.
>>>>>Originally TAP, yeah, that boomy droning Gen 1 system.. where
>>>>>I got involved to make it sound right.
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