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Tue Mar 24 12:36:53 PDT 2009

There is something wrong in your set-up, Manny.  Synthetic oil can  
those temperatures, dino oil cannot.  You are running over 300º F  when
conventional oils temperature limit is 240º F and this doesn't  
consider the
temperatures at the turbo.  The high quality synthetics still provide  
lubrication at those temperatures but there are studies that show the  
oil does
degrade because of high temperature and thus shortens the desired change
interval-probably to every track day.  At the turbo, the oil probably  
reaches the
flash point, so that can't be good.

The ducting of air flow and the condition of the 14 year old cooler  
are probably
enough to have a substantial effect on temperature.  Perhaps full flow  
get to the cooler.  I would check the cooler temperature and check if  
it needs
cleaning inside and out.  It is not doing it's job for some reason.   
Some CO
folks are suggesting 130ºC as a normal maximum climbing the long grade  
the Front Range.  I have heard 40ºF over water temperature is normal  
also, so
that would be in the ballpark.


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> Fellow S-Heads,
> I was wondering what oil temperature might be considered too hot for
> our cars during a Driver Ed track session? I usually attend track
> events that are early spring or late fall, so the outdoor
> temperatures are on the cooler side, however "warm" days in April and
> November aren't unheard of.
> When I'm pushing the car hard, and it's warm out, I've seen the
> needle get a needles width past what would be analogous to the 3/4
> tank full mark on a fuel gauge, at the un numbered hash mark between
> 130 and 170 degree's (150ish). That's the last tick mark before the
> "ludicrously hot" measurement on the oil temp gauge.
> It's interesting to see how much of an effect the outdoor temp has on
> the oil temps. At least on my car, cooler track days show up as a
> noticeable measurement (lower) oil temps than if the day were warmer.
> I can't imagine what a summer track day would be like.
> I had a instructer once that suggested I back off because the oil
> temp seemed to be to high. Taking it easy did cool things down during
> the session.
> Under normal driving oil temps are normal and stay at the 130 deg C
> mark.
> My car doesn't have the undertray anymore due to the FMIC and LLTek
> bumper, so the ducting that was there is no longer.
> If I need more cooling, is there a "better" answer? Do those little
> electric fans really work or would they get cooked easily due to the
> proximity to the turbo and downpipe? Is a bigger oil cooler core the
> "better" answer? Do those heat sink things that you can wrap around
> an oil filter do anything measurable?
> Regards,
> -Manny
> 95.5 ur S6 Avant (mostly RS2'd)

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