[s-cars] Let's talk spark plugs!

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I agree...  Back in the day, the Platinum F5DPOR was the cats meow.
Iridium alloy came on the scene in 1999, and has been the standard
since.  It has a 700C higher melting point, and by adding Rhodium, has
put the service life of the iridium plug at 100k miles for most N/A
applications.  I've seen a lot of problems with modified S cars using
the F5DPOR.

Audi switched to spec iridium plugs pretty quickly when the 2.7tt motor
came on the scene.  For the really nerdy comparison of Iridium vs
Platinum:  SAE 1999-01-0796 "Development of New Iridium Ally for Spark
Plug Electrodes"  Authored by Denso Corporation.  Autozone retail has
some of the best prices, and most flavors are on the shelf.

Scott J

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I won't touch the Bosch plugs again.? Not only have I had them fail in
disastrous ways in the AAN, but I've also seen them literally fall apart
in my girl's old Audi coupe GT.

Go to the NGK website.? You can actually do a lookup on their site for S
car applications.? There are 3 NGK plug options.? I have only run the
Iridium plugs, and they've been perfect... with 1.8t coils.? I will
continue to stick with them.


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