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FWIW- My bro's Mustrade Cobra now runs the Sumotinywrestler HRT-Z 3's and loves them. I guess it was a decent improvement over the II's. I've driven his car and its pretty damn sweet. Nothing stood out that made me say hmmm ..but then again I was kinda busy trying to keep my eyeballs from getting sucked into the back of my skull...as well as the deafening shrill of the SC'r.

Stoopid fast car. 

The shot of my 5 w/ those 18x9.5 M Par wheels was w/ 265 35 18's and the that size Conti looked almost stretched. Most definitely not squared off.

265 40 should work...but 35 series will for sure. 

My 2 centavos.

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> So I put the BBS's back on Alumibitch last weekend, only
> to be reminded of how badly in need of new treads I am. 
> Hmmmm.
> Questions for the experts (oh Taka...):
> Any thoughts on the new Sumitomo HTR-Z III's?  Tough to
> beat @ $164 per.  Considering those vs. Goodyear Eagle F1
> Asymmetric @ $213 per.  In this size, those are the only 2
> choices that fall within a reasonable budget, all others are
> $260++ (would prefer the Bridgestone 050A's but).  Are
> the Goodyear's going to be $200 better?  Doubting it but
> figured would ask.
> Bueller?
> and
> more importantly...  will a 265/40 fit on an 8.5"
> wheel?  Tire Rack says it "falls outside of the mfg.
> recommendation, need 9's", but they also say a
> 255/40 needs an 8.5 - which we know to be false as I ran
> many good miles with my 255 CUMho's on my 17x8 Avus. 
> I'm trying to run as humongo a footprint I can on
> Alumibitch as I can, not to mention boyohBOY would
> "that" beef the F out of the look of the thing. 
> I'm giddy @ the mere thought I am!
> Any feedback here on both items greatly appreciatto.
> Danka.
> -Paul
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