[s-cars] intermittently no electricity

Wylie Bean theringmeister at triad.rr.com
Wed Mar 25 19:26:12 PDT 2009

Not sure if this is the same on the UrS but if this happens on my cq and it's a bad ground or corroded terminal it the climate control defaults to auto and will come on by itself.  

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Check the obvious battery connection/condition but my guess is 
that it could be the infamous failed ignition switch.
Here are two write ups on how to replace it:
Only buy an Audi switch, the aftermarket switchs fail prematurely.

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Subject: [s-cars] intermittently no electricity
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So goes the story...parked the car last night around 7.00.  Went out 
today around 4.00pm to go get coffee, so the engine is off and the key 
is out for about 21 hours.  Turn the key, wait my customary two dings, 
turn to start, all goes dead.  No starter, no anything.  Even tried the 
parking lights, since they're operable without the key.  Oh well.  Hop 
in the SHO (my new beater/flipper, mullet not included) and get my 
coffee.  About 6.30 this evening I get back home and try the Audi 
again.  Fires right up.  I scratch my head.

I haven't checked the battery terminals yet, but will sometime tonight.  
Aside from that, anything else anyone can think of?  I have been 
spending more time in the SHO over the last week or so, trying to locate 
its (extensive) bugs and it and its pieces have consumed my whole 
garage, so the S6 has been spending nights outside, which is unusual.


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