[s-cars] occaisional slight over-overboost?

JC jc at j2c3.com
Sun Mar 29 07:57:04 PDT 2009

Chris -

Thanks - I actually tossed a brandy new N75 in late last year and I'm pretty
sure it's good.

For a minute I wondered if the BPV was actually sticky and that was causing
a boost spike but the peak hits before I lift throttle, not after so that's

I will do the pressure test, I've got most of the parts to make a pressure
testing rig although have hit a few snags in getting the right size cap
itself. Visual inspection certainly hasn't been able to find anything.

I was thinking about doing the old unlit-propane torch trick too to see if I
find a leak that way, but there's the issue with
no-leak-under-light-vacuum-but-leaks-under-heavy-boost so it's not a great
technique for forced induction problems...

BTW, the sender for my gauge is located in-cabin on a T at the ECU so it
should be reading exactly what the ECU sees.

> 2. If there isn't any boost leak then I'd start looking at
> the WGFV aka waste gate frequency valve. It's the valve that
> converts the electronic signal from the ECU and controlls the
> waste gate which cuts out boost. You can read about it here:
> http://forums.audiworld.com/showthread.php?p=18873174

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