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Sun Mar 29 17:20:55 PDT 2009

I've crossed paths with the Hanging-Magistrate system in another state on
non-highway matters, and my experience is that they are a kangaroo court
setup created purely to alter the judicial balance in favor of the state -
they will have a blind ear to anything you have to say and you are virtually
always found guilty, leaving it to you to appeal and start over again with a
now increased presumption of guilt. They know most people won't appeal and
so in the end the state 'wins'.  My experience is also that they are far
less educated, honorable, and judicially fair-minded than actual judges,
who, believe it or not, are not so bad a lot.

I actually beat the magistrate on appeal once but it was a slog. Judge gave
the impression in the end of being annoyed by the magi-morons waste of
everyone's time but obviously he couldn't change the system...

> It will be pretty tough to beat.
> In MA the 1st hearing is before a clerk Magistrate and cop
> doesn't even have to show, only a rep for the dept.  Since it

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