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I think we could all agree that your listings are nice.? We could also agree that it is good for our list to know if and when parts are available for the old S-cars.

Don't feel insulted... people will always piss and moan about prices.? The way I see it, knowledge is and always will be power.? If we know you have parts available, great.? We can each make our own decisions about pricing.

I've been on this list a long time... and I certainly appreciate knowing when cars are being parted out, or when parts are listed on Ebay.





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Chris, I didn't know it was a joke.  It read like an insult towards my
company.   I posted on this list to make it clear that all of our
prices are negotiable and all of our ebay listings have a best offer
option.  I am a car enthusiast, I have been forever.  I drive several
different makes and models.   I do not own an S4, but I saved one from
the crusher.    If you are a true S-line enthusiast you should thank
me for that.

Mark, good to hear the shipment was satisfactory.
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