[s-cars] ignition switch issue

Steve Marinello smarinello at entouch.net
Sat May 9 20:17:26 PDT 2009

Not the usual failing switch.  This one works fine IF I can get the key in
the slot (Boy, does that one open the door!).  Anyway, has anyone seen
failure like this before?  All of a sudden yesterday evening, it became
almost impossible to get the key in, and just as bad to get it out.  Tried
the second key to make sure there wasn't something weird with the key, and
it appears not.  Once the key is in, the switch works fine.  Made me take a
look to see if someone had broken in and tried to get it started, but I
can't see anything. The car was out in the parking lot at my office, but
it's a fairly small lot that is faced by all the windows on the back side of
the building, so I kinda doubt someone tried.


Any advice?  Tried using some dry lubricant on the key, and then in the
switch, but no change.  It both hangs up trying to get it in and then jams
partway in or out.





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