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Wylie -

I've not looked into it but suspect the problem with cheap crappy C4 parts
(and C3 parts as well) is exacerbated by the fact that those cars are still
'current production' in China.  So there's factories cranking out vast
quantities strut mounts or whatever for domestic consumption and I suspect
that these are the parts that have started to show themselves lately.
Obviouisly the domestic quality standard for the Audi clones aka "Hongqi" or
whatever is extremely low.  My driver couldn't be convinced to care about
bad ball joints that were about to cause the front wheels to fall off of our
Passat, and it took myself and another expat escalating the issue to get it
fixed - and in the end they just swapped cars, I'm 80% sure some other poor
foreigner is driving around in the dead-ball-joint car now...


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> I guess I should also clarify that the upper mounts on my car
> now that are failing were not branded as Meyle anywhere,
> neither on the box nor the casting itself.  I believe they
> were sold under the "JL Germany" brand..... Otherwise known
> as "Creative China LTD" 8^).
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