[s-cars] Will these wheels fit my car? (winter wheel choice)

JC jc at j2c3.com
Thu Nov 5 06:01:44 PST 2009

Those BBS are very small on the inside, so I'm surprised it works, but take
Peter's word for it.  I used to go the other way aka always ran C4 or better
rims on my Type 44...  I really can't identify with the 15" vs. 16" thing
making that much snow difference which is why I always opted for 16" minimum
for snows, but if you say so who am I to argue...

Small cosmetic issue - they are of course hard to keep clean with the mesh,
so aren't good for salt/sand season... but they do actually look pretty good
in a 'vintage BBS' way when they are at their best... Of course you'll be
subject to plenty of "RANCHO" comments from ricer-wannabee audi types but
screw them if you're happy...

> I run the BBS wheel's from our 200TQA on my wife's S6 through
> Colorado winters.  The 15" is not so nice in the dry,
> particularly compared to the 17" we run through summer.  We
> spend a lot of time in mountain snow with a set of Hakka RSi
> tyres and find the handling great in those conditions. :-) If
> you don't spend a lot of time in the snow you might want to
> track down some 16" original wheels from the S6 and use those

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