[s-cars] need opinions on rod bearings

Mike Fitton rfitton at vt.edu
Sat Nov 14 21:49:32 PST 2009

Short chain of events...  Bad wheel bearing turned into bad ball joint 
turned into front subframe down turned into oilpan off to replace leaky 

So my oilpan's in the floor and my rod bearings are the most exposed 
they probably have been since 14 years ago.  Car has 251k and change.  
I've heard that much past 250k on those is borrowed time, though I've 
been aggressive with oil changes and believe previous owners have been 
as well.  I even use an extra gigantic filter, roughly twice the stock 
volume.  I've experienced no audible signs of rod bearing trouble and 
most any G60 owner knows what that sounds like.  I haven't gotten in 
there to wiggle them yet, but I also don't know exactly what to expect.

So should I replace them just because?  Is it time well spent or do I 
run a serious risk of tossing my engine's salad by fixing something that 
ain't broke?  I'm fairly certain I don't want to wait until they start 
making noise, but hell, I dunno.  This wheel bearing's already costing 
me a small fortune.


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