[s-cars] Boost problems

JC jc at j2c3.com
Tue Nov 17 06:08:22 PST 2009

How are your hoses? Low vacuum at idle suggests you have a significant leak.
It might be a crack that is firm enough to stay sealed up to 4psi for
instance and then blow out under higher pressure. BTDT w/ the Michelin Man
hose.  IIRC 034 has a subframe bushing kit available, delrin or something.
If your steering is very loose you shouldn't be driving the car until you
figure it out BTW...

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> Im having some issues with my car the main one being boost.
> If you pin the throttle it will boost, but if you accel than
> let off the throttle and try to build boost again it wont
> come out of vaccum. The turbo also flutters when holding
> boost. I have already replaced the n75 but im thinking its
> probably the wastegate diaphram or possibly the diverter
> valve. The diverter valve was replaced with a forge one not
> sure what milage. I just purchased this car with around 120k
> now it has 125k. When i first got it would build boost
> effortlessly and hold 15psi in all gear with not too much
> throttle. Sometimes it holds around 4psi for some reason. I
> cant figure this out. Downshifting to about 4k from any gear
> and opening throttle doesnt build boost either.
> The only way i get good boost is going wot throttle from 2k
> or going up hills. Could it be something wierd like a clutch/
> engine load issue? It used to pull 20 in hg but only  pulls
> around 15 inhg in idle. Thanks in advance for any help. Ohh
> and one last thing im redoing my front steering/ full
> suspension does anyone know if 1993 came with a steering
> damper? My steering is very loose thinking tie rods and i
> just did the engine tranny mounts myself and wondering if
> anyone has a source on good subframe bushing for front and
> rear? Like some hard derlin ones... Im Having trouble
> contacting amd. Thanks again
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