[s-cars] Avant Tailgate Woes

airbil airbil at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 19:43:59 PST 2009

Hey Abe, et.al.,
I don't know what you mean by off kilter, but surely, I should.
FWIW, I am on my second latch assembly handle (not that expensive  
IIRC) which did the trick for getting the handle to operate properly.
Otherwise, you may have to play with the adjustments of the L and R  
release mechanisms via some satanic, screw threaded and plastic  
couplings on the L and R sides, accessible via the secret flaps.   
Actually pretty easy.. just takes many tries.
WRT rattlings... I would recommend removing the rear panel completely  
and driving w/o for a week to see if there are any rattles fromst  
behind there.  Then whilst this rear panel is off just epoxy and  
secure everything you can on that and insure all the fastening points  
are tight, etc. and so on and so forth as required.
Put it all back together and if there is still a rattle, don't worry  
cuz we have an app for that too and it's called turning the Bose up to  
11.  YMMV
Bill~still hatin' the tailgate~M

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