[s-cars] climate control buttons are not working

Ed DiGregory ed at 12v.org
Thu Nov 19 14:47:39 PST 2009

Those of you having CC button issues, check out this PDF. I have had those
issues in the past and was able to cure them with a procedure similar to

At least something to try before buying a new CC unit.



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My bottom row of buttons went flakey... they would unpredictably stop and
start working as a set.  (And you can't change the Channel to Area 51 when
the +/- temp buttons aren't working!)

I figured I would open it up and try cleaning contacts, but before I got
around to that the smoke escaped from my head unit.  Literally!  A little
curl of smoke came out from the vicinity of the fan speed +/- buttons.

Shutting off the climate control did not stop the smoke!  With visions of my
S-car going up in flames, I quickly pulled off the highway and shut off the
ignition, after which the smoke subsided.  I pulled the HVAC fuse and
continued on my way... accompanied by the faint odor of burnt electronics.

A used replacement head unit from Chris at Force 5 fixed things for me.

'95 urS6 with lots of new and used parts  

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