[s-cars] Fuel Line Leak Update

mike schowengerdt urdrquattro at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 21 21:02:25 PST 2009

bill, i have been following this thread and cannot believe no one has suggested what i have been using for years to fix damaged fuel lines, and that is standard compression fittings from the hardware store

i believe 5/16" is the correct size for this.......i usually canibalize another car for good steel line to use but i don't know why you couldn't use copper tube from the hardware store as well

the compression fitting splice consists of a center piece and two compression rings and two cap nuts all made of brass..........this all makes for a more durable repair than hose in my opinion

the stainless band clamps are a wrap and clip type that are a chore to release (i use a pocket size awl and screw driver).......once that is released the rubber is split and just opens up to release the line

don't forget to pick up a mini tubing cutter at the hardware store as well

HTH............mike...>fixin audis in kc for 25+yrs
                                >drivin '93 urS w/2871gt  RS2+


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MP et. al.
Fuel leak pic here
And a very short video in drip action here
So, to me it appears to be leaking at both connection brackets.
How are these brackets removed?
Are the lines easily separated from these rubber and stainless steel
There seems so much corrosion Plan A should be to replace the lines, which
at the back end looks fairly straight forward, but I think the front would
be tricky.
I don't recall ever reading of someone doing this.
It would be real nice to fix this tomorrow as it will surely be our last 50o
day till next June.
So, if I can figure out how to separate lines from brackets, I could get a
small pipe cutter, gas line and clamps and hope for the best?
Any thoughts on a slow saturday nite?
Bill~thinking one match could fix this~M
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