[s-cars] Fuel Line Leak Update

chris chambers fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com
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Many moons ago I owned an 85 Audi 5000 (big POS).
The night before a family trip  the Audi gods frowned and the fuel line rusted through spraying 
gasoline onto the garage floor.

The factory lines were very pricey and many days away, my respected local tech replaced
the lines with new lines from NAPA. He purchased a couple couplers and a couple extra
pieces of short line.

He cut the factory line back to where it was't rusted
Cut the "Extra lines" and removed the fittings sliding them onto the good factory line left on the car, using a flare tool he flared the lines.
He bent the replacement lines and mounted in the factory hangers.
Using the couplers he connected the replacement line with the factory line.

Essentially he replaced the entire line that would be under the car, but this same technique
could be used to replace shorter sections of line.


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> Fuel leak pic here
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> And a very short video in drip action here
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/airbil/4123320974/
> So, to me it appears to be leaking at both connection brackets.
> How are these brackets removed?
> Are the lines easily separated from these rubber and stainless steel
> brackets.
> There seems so much corrosion Plan A should be to replace the lines, which
> at the back end looks fairly straight forward, but I think the front would
> be tricky.
> I don't recall ever reading of someone doing this.
> It would be real nice to fix this tomorrow as it will surely be our last 50o
> day till next June.
> So, if I can figure out how to separate lines from brackets, I could get a
> small pipe cutter, gas line and clamps and hope for the best?
> Any thoughts on a slow saturday nite?
> Bill~thinking one match could fix this~M
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