[s-cars] rattling during deacceleration

Martin Baggenstos martin.baggenstos at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 08:38:01 PST 2009

I am hoping someone may have some insight into my new problem on my 1995 S6.
I do have a 6 speed EDU transmission in it from a 2001 S4 and the third gear
syncro has gone bad but this I believe is something different.

Now when I am deaccelerating by letting off the gas to slow down, with the
gear engaged, I start to get this rattling noise and a bit of a rumbling
feeling from underneath the car and it will go away if I take to car out of
gear and slow down with the brakes instead. Has anyone ever encountered this
before. I searched through the forum and the only thing that popped up was
someone talking about their tie rods going and getting this rattling but I
am not having any problems with my steering. Any thoughts.


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