[s-cars] rattling during deacceleration

Nathan Engelbert n-engelbert at terrans.net
Mon Nov 23 06:49:40 PST 2009

Also, check the front driveshaft CV, I've replaced in my S6 (three weeks
ago), and on my old 10v 90q.  If it sounds like hammering on a hollow
pipe, that could be it:  the grease hardens up in it and then it begins to
wear.  Jack the car up and see if you can turn the CV AT ALL independent
from the driveshaft.

Porsche part number 923 332 032 00.


Nathan Engelbert
83 UrQ DA900453
95 S6 avant

> I am hoping someone may have some insight into my new problem on my 1995
> S6.
> I do have a 6 speed EDU transmission in it from a 2001 S4 and the third
> gear
> syncro has gone bad but this I believe is something different.
> Now when I am deaccelerating by letting off the gas to slow down, with the
> gear engaged, I start to get this rattling noise and a bit of a rumbling
> feeling from underneath the car and it will go away if I take to car out
> of
> gear and slow down with the brakes instead. Has anyone ever encountered
> this
> before. I searched through the forum and the only thing that popped up was
> someone talking about their tie rods going and getting this rattling but I
> am not having any problems with my steering. Any thoughts.
> Martin
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