[s-cars] Stumbling under acceleration.....probable boost leak?

Jim Fleischer jim at almgt.com
Mon Nov 23 19:14:57 PST 2009

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the idea.....didn't notice any oil in the spark plug wells when I 
checked the torques though.....


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> Sounds like symptoms I had when my valve cover gasket started to go.  Pull 
> some coils and check for oil in the plug wells.
> -Cheers!
> Mike
> Jim Fleischer wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> Just returned from a 900 mile mostly highway trip from Texas to 
>> Colorado....Noticed shortly after heading out that there was some 
>> significant, albeit inconsistent stumbling upon acceleration.  Could 
>> half-throttle it and keep it from happening in the lower gears, but 
>> fourth and fifth suffered under harder acceleration at lower revs. 
>> Checked all the obvious places for a tear, and tightened up all hose 
>> clamps I could get to easlily.....no difference.  Car still pulls pretty 
>> well at upper RPMs, but not smoothly by any means.
>> Was able to replicate this with more regularity as the trip went on, and 
>> seems to have gotten worse as the altitude increased.  Was downright 
>> difficult at 10,200ft in Leadville, CO.  Disconnected battery overnight 
>> to reset ecu, etc. and found no difference today.
>> My thought is a boost leak, but cannot see/find a tear, and revving the 
>> motor in place does not put enough load on to make anything readily 
>> apparent.  Before I start tearing off hoses, etc. anything else I could 
>> be missing?
>> Car is a 95 s6 avant and just turned 80K miles this trip.  Hoses, POS, 
>> etc. all original.  Replaced spark plugs and wires @ 60K.  Checked spark 
>> plug torque, all good.
>> Any and all help appreciated!  Do not want to take this in to anyone if I 
>> can help it.
>> Best regards,
>> Jim Fleischer
>> '95 s6 avant
>> '83 ur
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