[s-cars] Stumbling under acceleration.....probable boost

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Tue Nov 24 00:05:02 PST 2009

 A faulty N75 isn't going to cause your car to stumble under boost.  Boost may vary, fail to reach it's max, or even overboost... but stumbling shouldn't be part of the equation.

I seriously doubt you will find a cure by replacing this part.

Easy way to find out for sure... disconnect the line from the N75 to your WG at the WG... effectively taking the N75 out of the equation.  See if you still have the stumble.  I'd bet you will still have the problem.




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I have the exact same issue , especially as elevation increases with my UrS4. 
Like you I checked all my hoses, then changed out coils , cleaned my MAF, 
checked bypass operation. Then it was suggested that it may be the N75 valve, I 
have one on order . So my suggestion would be to check the N75 or replace it, at 
least that is where I am with my car. If you find something different please let 
me know . HTH , George

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