[s-cars] Subject: Re: Stumbling under acceleration.....probable boost leak? - NOW: or coil? And Apikol

Tom Winter tom at tomwintermedia.com
Tue Nov 24 12:47:22 PST 2009

On 11/24/09 1:00 PM, " james McCarthy <jjssmccarthy at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Alternatively if you're in CO might pop over to Apikol and pick up a 2.0 coil
> kit.
> https://www.apikol.com/?#Products,Engine,21
> Many folks seem very happy with this solution as it eliminated the POS and OEM
> coils for a fraction of the cost of replacing the all the OEM parts.  The 2.0
> coils seem more robust that the 1.8 but I wouldn't expect them to last as long
> as the original equipment - especially in the Texas heat.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go with the Apikol kit. The failures of this kit
have been discussed here, and I chose to ignore them. The kit is nothing but
a temporary solution and soon you will be chasing down coil failures left
and right. The coils last about 5000k in my experience. And even with the
extra "cover" you'll get a ton of dirt and other junk down around the plugs,
stuff that can fall into your engine if you ever have to pull a plug (and
this even after cleaning like crazy with a shop vac!). Apikol coil kits are
a waste of money that is better spent biting the bullet and going with the
OEM coils.

I was VERY UNHAPPY with this solution. In fact, it's not a solution at all.
Apikol does sell 034 Motorsport's coil kit, maybe this is better? (
https://www.apikol.com/#Products,Motorsport,88 ). Someone else with
experience can chime in in this regard.

I agree with the comments, though, that an intermittent stumble at boost,
particularly at altitude, can be related to a coil starting to fail. Worth
checking out.

Good luck.

Tom '95 S6 Avant (Apikol free zone)

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