[s-cars] Subject: Re: Stumbling under acceleration.....probable boost leak? - NOW: or coil? And Apikol

james McCarthy jjssmccarthy at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 24 17:06:56 PST 2009

Your experience with the Apilol kit is not unique however there are also many folks happily running this solution.  The newer coils (2.0 or s4) seem to fail less frequently but still are not as robust as the original stuff.  This is why I put 5 brand new original coils when the first failed - didn't want to touch it again ever.  

However if I was on a road trip with a failing coil I'd certainly consider the apikol or 034 2.O coils and harness as a great solution to get me home until I could fully sort out which coil was going - never mind rewiring it away from all my tools. During a vacation with the family the $395 and 20 min swap is likely money well spent for family harmony - tinker with the car at home.

just my 2 cents.

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> wrote:
> > Alternatively if you're in CO might pop over to Apikol
> and pick up a 2.0 coil
> > kit.
> > 
> > https://www.apikol.com/?#Products,Engine,21
> > 
> > Many folks seem very happy with this solution as it
> eliminated the POS and OEM
> > coils for a fraction of the cost of replacing the all
> the OEM parts.  The 2.0
> > coils seem more robust that the 1.8 but I wouldn't
> expect them to last as long
> > as the original equipment - especially in the Texas
> heat.
> Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go with the Apikol kit. The
> failures of this kit
> have been discussed here, and I chose to ignore them. The
> kit is nothing but
> a temporary solution and soon you will be chasing down coil
> failures left
> and right. The coils last about 5000k in my experience. And
> even with the
> extra "cover" you'll get a ton of dirt and other junk down
> around the plugs,
> stuff that can fall into your engine if you ever have to
> pull a plug (and
> this even after cleaning like crazy with a shop vac!).
> Apikol coil kits are
> a waste of money that is better spent biting the bullet and
> going with the
> OEM coils.
> I was VERY UNHAPPY with this solution. In fact, it's not a
> solution at all.
> Apikol does sell 034 Motorsport's coil kit, maybe this is
> better? (
> https://www.apikol.com/#Products,Motorsport,88 ).
> Someone else with
> experience can chime in in this regard.
> I agree with the comments, though, that an intermittent
> stumble at boost,
> particularly at altitude, can be related to a coil starting
> to fail. Worth
> checking out.
> Good luck.
> ---
> Tom '95 S6 Avant (Apikol free zone)


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