[s-cars] Sensible 5 -cylinder S6 upgrades?

LL - NY larrycleung at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 17:38:23 PDT 2009

My car is set up as follows.

- ECU is MRC stage 2 (now availible from Bob Myers) very well worth it. Now
mine was done when Mihnea was stateside, so it's a road tune, but it is
totally smooth from idle to redline, there are no breaks, bumps, humps, dips
or anything in the torque. It's like factory, but with much more of
everything, Mihnea rates the upgrade as 270 - 280 crank HP, 320 lb-ft torque
Very much worth it.   Stock exhaust, stock intake, stock manifold.  I don't
track this car.

- Although I'd love a Stromung Gen IV (they aren't at all bad on a cruise,
but they sound neat at WOT) and my understanding is that it'll spool
somewhat faster, but at the moment, I can't justify the price.

- Springs and Dampers - I'm running Eibach Pro-Kit with rear 10mm spacer and
Bilstein sports.Just about an absolutely perfect match of
damper/spring. Unfortunately, NLA. Next best bet would be H&R Sports with
custom revalved Bilsteins (when I had stock Bilsteins with my H&R
Sports/Bilstein Sports on my 200q, the car was noticably underdamped, it
jiggled and bounced, but admittedly didn't wallow. IOW, I'd have the
Bilsteins have greater rebound damping, how much, I don't know).  If you're
running stock springs I'd consider Bilstein HD's (actually have the same
damping rates as Sports, but they're physically longer for the taller
springs), but I'm not sure with stock S6 springs, whether or not the car
would be overdamped.
FWIW, the lowered stance and firmer rates of the springs do significantly
increase the response rate (turn-in) of the car, and significantly reduced
the roll. Brake dive is reduced, but not by as much as I would've hoped).
I'm happy I did it, can't say whether or not the dampers by themselves will
get you to the point that you want with your car.

- Brakes - front Porsche Big Blacks on 993TT rotor - possibly overkill for a
street driven car, but I have found that I could constantly overdrive the
stock G60's on stock boost on this car for the short time that it had them,
and I could even overdrive them on my notably lighter 200q with 1.8 bar of
boost in heavy street traffic. I would personnally recommend looking into
some form of brake upgrade. This car is simply too heavy to depend upon the

On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 5:32 AM, Seán Mac Cann <seanmaccann at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, my everyday driver is a 1995 20v S6 on 17" wheels.  Without
> ruining it as a daily driver, are there any cost effective
> modifications to free a bit of 20v character? I'm thinking as follows:
> -2Bennett ECU
> s4&s6 ecu mods
> - Manifold / exhaust - should I stick with standard; are aftermarket
> ones all noise and no gain?
> - Aftermarket dampers? The car crashes out on really bad roads when
> pressing on, as you'd expect given the weight.
> Thanks
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