[s-cars] Sensible 5 -cylinder S6 upgrades? (Se?n Mac Cann)

Tony Curran tony.curran at sympatico.ca
Sun Oct 4 07:27:47 PDT 2009

I have MRC stage 2 and can 2nd that chip. I also have a Stebro exhaust - one
of the advantages over stock is that it weighs half as much (was at Stebro
when the exhaust was replaced felt significant difference) as well as more
free flow.

A cone air filter might be an option, tho since I fitted one to mine the
induction system is making a horrible sucking sound on acceleration. The
removal of the stock air snorkel and box means more cool air is aimed at the

Bib brakes - I have 993 C4 calipers.

96 S6

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Sean -

Daily driving can be greatly enhanced by a performance chip, in my
opinion. A bit more boost can really put a smile on your face, make it
safer and easier to pass slower traffic and easier to merge when getting
on a freeway (although your stock car probably already does fairly well in
this regard).

As a data point, my '95 S6 avant has a stage one MTM chip, RS2 exhaust
manifold, and a stebro exhaust system. The chip and the exhaust came with
the car, I installed the manifold. I can't say how much power gain I've
experienced with the exhaust system, but probably a little bit more than
stock. The chiped ECU is the key here. You'll definitely notice the
difference. That's probably where I'd start. You can see how you like it
and move on from there as money allows.

I don't have any experience with 2Bennett, but the MTM has worked great
for me, and I had a 5000 avant with an IA chip that simply screeeeamed.
One of the fastest cars I've ever owned. . .

Let us know how it turns out.

Tom '95 S6 Avamt

> From: Se?n Mac Cann <seanmaccann at gmail.com>

> Hi, my everyday driver is a 1995 20v S6 on 17" wheels.  Without
> ruining it as a daily driver, are there any cost effective
> modifications to free a bit of 20v character? I'm thinking as follows:
> -2Bennett ECU
> s4&s6 ecu mods
> - Manifold / exhaust - should I stick with standard; are aftermarket
> ones all noise and no gain?
> - Aftermarket dampers? The car crashes out on really bad roads when
> pressing on, as you'd expect given the weight.
> Thanks

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