[s-cars] 2004 S4 servicing

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I think you're being a bit optimistic with the mileage.  You would be lucky to squeeze 15 mpg out of it.

That being said, nothing like a V8.

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I'm nearing the end of the relationship with a 93 S4. I see that the 2004
S4's with 4.2V8 and 6-speed manual are now in range. I read that Audi
remodeled the engine to make it fit in the S4 chassis, specifically: timing
chain to rear of engine. So, if that's true...

What are the major maintenance items for a 2004-5 S4.
	Manual trans - no trans service?
	Timing chain - no timing belt replacement?
	Water pumps and pulleys ??
	Weak suspensions links ??
	Yes, lots of brake pads.
	Clutches - never a problem for me.
	O2 sensors - reachable?

I'm willing to suffer the 20-23mpg to live with this car. I don't want to
get into a high maintenance relationship...or I would buy a Porsche.

David G.
1993 S4, still wonderful DD at 240K

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