[s-cars] Whistling

JC jc at j2c3.com
Fri Oct 16 17:10:29 PDT 2009

How's your hoses, BPV, and N75?  Typical whistling culprits are: vacuum and
boost hose leaks, failed/failing BPV that doesn't open/close properly, etc.
Because of the recent work it's well possible a hose wasn't reclamped
properly, or an old hose was tweaked causing a leak at high vacuum, or the
aforementioned devices were borderline and jostling/removing/re-installing
caused them to start acting up...

There are old-timer mechanic tricks like using a piece of hose or rolled up
paper held to your ear to try to narrow down the direction of exactly where
the sound comes from.  You're lucky if it's consistent and repeatable when
the car is idling actually! For me it's usually 'underhood sound only
happens when you're going 80mph' or something!

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> I've got a faint whistling noise coming from the passenger's
> side of the engine bay at idle.  Just a pretty constant

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