[s-cars] Tint Removal

Abe Berman yellowcuda at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 09:22:17 PDT 2009

Gents (and Ladies),

I'm really enjoying being back in a chipped C4, I can say that.  However, on
day one of having a VT plate on ur-Billy's ur-S6 Avant, the blue lights of
our ol' nemesis Johnny Law showed up behind me.  You see, ur-Bill's brother
tinted the glass all around at 20% last year, which is a no-no in VT (hell,
its only marginally legal in CT and NY, where the car was previously

So, I need to get those front windows cleared up or my warning will soon
turn into tickets and points for "obstructed front windows".  Now, I could
go into a story of how I worked the warning as opposed to the ticket (crying
baby in car), or how I didn't actually have the bill of sale, registration,
or insurance card with me, or how it doesn't even have a front plate bracket
never mind plate, or even how I now am running black 17's with snows with
massive big reds on the front boldly stating "this is NOT an A6 officer",
....but I won't.

What I want is some BTDT's on tint removal.  Method I am thinking of trying
tonight involves spraying amonia based clear (or fast orange cleaner) on
inside of front windows and then covering with saran wrap.  After sitting
for 30 minutes, use heat gun on outside of window to heat for a while and
then try to peel tint off.  Any excess glue or pieces to be cleaned with
amonia cleaner and razor blade.  Sound workable?


Happy C4 owner (unnamed and anon e. mous Sgt. Schultz, thank you very much)
Burlington, VT

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