[s-cars] Upgrading stock UrS brakes

Jared Robinson chapel976 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 10:51:37 PDT 2009

So, my brakes suck in my UrS.

as much as I want to put Porsche brakes and whatnot on it so I can slam my
face into the windshield every time I stab the pedal... I don't have that
kinda dough.

My biggest gripe is the uber-mushy pedal.

I have some Goodridge lines sitting in the trunk waiting to go in.
I was planning on doing those and a full brake flush with Ate Super Blue or
Gold (same shit, different color) unless someone knows of anything better.
I've been using Super Blue since 1999 and never really thought to look at
any other DOT4 fluids.

My front brakes were done last year with the Blauparts stock front brake
kit. I think the rears are probably due though.
this is the kit that was installed by the previous owner.:

What kind of pads do you guys like in the G60 calipers in these big heavy

I'd like good immediate stopping performance. I don't mind a little fade as
I don't plan on back to back emergency stops. I don't race the car so I
don't want something that needs heat in them to work (especially come

And of course, any other upgrades I can do on the stock system would be nice
With my old E30, the best upgrade I ever did was put the 25mm master
cylinder from a 750i into it.

bled with Ate Blue, no stainless lines and used EBC Red pads on it... the
pedal was ROCK solid and once the Reds had a little heat into them, the car
stopped like nothing else.

So, any suggestions are welcome.


Jared Robinson

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