[s-cars] Parting out a '92 / need new drivers mirror housing and glass

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 I don't honestly know if the S6 mirror is the same as an S4, but I happen to be parting out a '92 that is tornado red with a black interior.



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Well if finally happened. after years of parking on my narrow one-way street
in front of my house, my car finally took some damage. Seems someone was
flying along and took out my drivers side mirror. The outside two inches or so
is missing as well as the glass. I believe the internals(now exposed) of the 
and motor seem to be operating quite well. Can I just pick up the mirror shell 
any C4 and get a can of Audi red paint(Tornado Red?) for my 95 S6 and paint this 

and install this myself or does it require the skills of someone with real tools 
and a
set of well developed opposing thumbs? I was part of the group buy on the mirror
glass in June. Tom, would you, or anyone else, happen to have a spare set 
for sale? I am reminded every 10 seconds while driving how incredibly valueable 
mirror is to me, wow!
thanks all,
1995 S6 Milwaukee

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