[s-cars] Upgrading stock UrS brakes

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 Thanks for the correction.  Its been over 12 years since I flogged my cars on a racetrack so I've had little need for good brake fluid.  Usually, for periodic brake flushes I use the Vavoline stuff or let the dealer do it.

Mark near Chicago

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Castrol GT-LMA is still sold under that name.  Perhaps you were talking about 
Valvoline Synpower, which had a dry boiling point of 527 deg. F.  It had a 
surprisingly high boiling point for a reasonably priced over-the-shelf brake 
fluid.  Unfortunately, Valvoline discontinued it last year.  The Valvoline DOT 
3/4 in white bottles isn't the same stuff and its boiling point isn't as high.  
It should be OK for a street car, though.

For track, I use Motul 600.  ATE didn't work so well for me (had problems with 
boiling the fluid).


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